Virtual Conversations


Short 30-minute conversations held on Zoom covering a variety of teaching and learning topics.

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What is a Virtual Conversation?

Throughout the year, the Center for Teaching and Learning regularly offers short 30-minute interactive Zoom sessions on a variety of topics related to teaching and learning. These “Virtual Conversations” are an opportunity to quickly learn about a topic and interact with peers.

CTL staff facilitates Virtual Conversations on a wide range of themes including general pedagogy, online teaching, educational technologies, inclusion, and assessment, among others. Virtual Conversations are open to all faculty, postdocs, graduate students and staff affiliated with WashU. Since their creation in 2020, hundreds of members of the WashU community have participated in these discussions.

Current offerings can be found on our events page or by subscribing to our newsletter.

Examples of Past Virtual Conversations (Partial List)

  • Teaching with Zoom Whiteboard and Annotation Functions
  • Reconceptualizing Your Learning Goals
  • Kaltura Basics: Recording, Uploading and Managing Videos
  • Teaching with Hypothesis
  • Navigating the Faculty Support Landscape
  • Translating Exams Online
  • Using Jigsaw Method to Increase Student Engagement
  • Teaching Low-Tech Online
  • Teaching with Poll Everywhere
  • Using Cameras and Microphones in Pooled Classrooms
  • Unique Ways to Check in with Students (in partnership with Habif)
  • Practicing Self-Care
  • Collaborative Digital Tools (Padlet)