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Accommodation Chart for Faculty and Instructors

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A guide to providing student accommodations at WashU

The information below comes from the Accommodation Chart for Faculty – August 2020 published by the Office of the Provost.

Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment or any other Title IX issues

Who will contact you?

Licensed Counselor in RSVP Center; Jessica Kennedy, Director, Title IX Office (jwkennedy@wustl.edu)

What might they ask of me?

Might ask for student to drop class, alter group project assignments, switch to a different section, rearrange seating charts, complete assignments remotely, receive alternate assignment due to subject matter, or move testing dates or assignment deadlines.

What should I do?

Refrain from contacting the student about this issue (unless you learn that is the student’s preference), ensure complete confidentiality about this student concern, and work with a licensed counselor from the RSVP Center and/or Jessica Kennedy to offer reasonable accommodations to address the student’s needs to the best of your ability.

Acute Medical Issues – Mental and Physical Health

Who will contact you?

Student, Mental Health Counselor or Physician, or Academic Dean

What might they ask of me?

Might ask to drop class, complete assignments remotely, or move testing dates or assignment deadlines.

What should I do?

If a student is in distress as a result of mental or physical health issues and approaches you with an academic request, we encourage you to grant reasonable requests from the student.
Habif Health and Wellness Center policy is not to supply medical excuse notes for missing class, delaying a test or assignment deadline. If a student is hospitalized or suffering from a significant medical or mental health issue requiring a prolonged absence, we will work with the student and their dean’s office to verify our support. Please note that if you reach out directly to the Habif Health and Wellness Center or the student’s treatment provider, that provider will not be permitted to release details of a student’s health concerns to you without the student’s consent.
If you are concerned about the physical or mental well-being of a student, please consider filing a WashU Cares report.

Student Discloses a Disability

Who will contact you?

Disabled Students seeking to utilize accommodations for which they are eligible through Disability Resources will provide their faculty an Accommodation Letter indicating their approved accommodations.

What might they ask of me?

Student may require accommodations for: Learning (note-takers, reduced course loads); Testing (extended time, use of a computer for essay exams, reduced distraction test location); Access (physically accessible classroom, accessible web, electronic and information technology).

What should I do?

Faculty are expected to provide or allow accommodations for which the student has been approved. Faculty with question or concerns about particular accommodations in the context of a specific course, have an obligation to communicate any concerns to Disability Resources in a timely manner (disabilityresources@wustl.edu).

Disability Resources suggests including an additional statement welcoming students to share their WashU Accommodation Letter with you and arranging to discuss how accommodations will be implemented in your class.

For example: Will exams this semester be online, and if so, have you modified the testing session for those with extended time?

More information can be found in DR’s FAQ Section.

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