Submitting a Kaltura recording to an Assignment

  1. In Canvas, go into Assignments and click +Assignment to create a new Assignment.
  2. Name the assignment, assign points and a due date, and make any other changes that you want.
  3. For Submission Type, choose Text Entry.
  4. In the Description, add instructions pointing students to click on the Plugin icon at the top; of the text field and choose Embed Kaltura Media.
  5. Click Save & Publish.
  6. When students take the assignment, they can then click on +Add New to either Upload an existing video or use Kaltura Capture to create a new video
  7. Once they have completed the assignment with the Kaltura video, they can Submit it and you will be able to view the assignment as normal via Gradebook

Using Annoto for video comments

  1. As part of viewing the video via the Gradebook, you can leave comments at various points throughout the video using Annoto (which shows up on the left).
  2. The student can always view their video via Kaltura My Media (which only shows videos that are owned by a given individual) and they will see your comments and be able to make their own comments.
  3. You can view their video with their comments and make your own comments again via the Gradebook.