Teaching with AI course enrollment

WashU faculty and staff now have access to a Canvas-based course called “Teaching with AI”. Participating in this course will empower you to stay abreast of developments in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and its potential impact on your courses. The activities in the course encourage you to explore AI, play with AI tools, and articulate your thoughts on its implications for teaching at WashU.

In addition to learning about AI, faculty participants will have the opportunity to experiment with AI tools and redesign assignments to incorporate AI into their teaching. They can also engage in online discussions within the course, allowing them to refine their use of AI tools and techniques. The course has eight modules and covers introductory concepts and terms, academic integrity, course and assignment design, ethics and legal issues, the use of AI tools to enhance student learning, partnering with students on these important topics, developing or refining teaching philosophy statements, and leading conversations in departments and academic programs on topics related to artificial intelligence.

Please complete the form below if you’d like to be enrolled in the course. Enrollment will be managed on a rolling basis, and eligibility for different populations may vary by school. Please, allow 3-4 days for registration to process. Students are currently not eligible.  WashU will have course facilitators to work with each school’s participants in navigating and completing the course. For further questions, please contact the CTL at ctl@wustl.edu or 314-935-6810.