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  • Foundations in Teaching

Efficient, Reflective and Effective Strategies for Grading


Dr. Lisa Kuehne, Assistant Director for Graduate and Postdoc Programs

  • 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
  • via Zoom

Event Description

Evaluating student work, particularly for large classes or long assignments, requires time and effort. Graduate students and postdocs can benefit from adopting efficient strategies that help to ensure fair application of points while making good use of their time. Grading can further be a reflective activity that provides feedback to the grader about student comprehension, which can then be used to inform future interactions with students and faculty. Grading is also an effective tool for guiding students to deeper understanding through thoughtful, targeted feedback on their effort.

In this workshop, participants will work together to explore various grading strategies while also discussing other aspects of assessing student work, such as communicating with faculty about grading criteria and policy, achieving consistency during grading and responding to common student concerns about grades.

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