WashU licenses and supports a variety of educational technologies that advance teaching and learning across campus. The Center for Teaching and Learning provides administrative and instructional support for a subset of these tools that facilitates inclusive, interactive pedagogies.  

Technology-Enhanced Classrooms 

WashU has 120+ pooled classrooms that have a variety of technology tools integrated within the room to support multimedia engagement, collaboration, and active learning. Audio-visual equipment can be used to record or livestream the class. 

Digital EdTech Tools  

These technologies can increase students’ engagement with course content, peers, and instructors. Learn more about how to use these technologies in your teaching by clicking on the links to the Guides for each EdTech tool below: 

You can also learn more about how to choose technologies for your classes. Remember, the latest technological tools do not always make for the best pedagogical practices. Strong pedagogy starts with specific learning goals for students, not with the shiniest, newest app. We encourage instructors to always reflect on whether a new tool is necessary to achieve course learning goals and whether all students will have equal access to the tool. Let these answers be your guide in whether to adopt or not. 

In addition to the above, WashU supports other technologies that serve additional functions such as operations, research, and conferencing that you can use for your classes. For an overview of tools that may enhance teaching and learning, see:

You can also find additional tools by pedagogical use using these guides:  

Using an EdTech tool that we haven’t profiled yet? Let us know through edtechtools@wustl.edu and we can add a profile about it! 

Get Support 

Let’s Talk 

Get 1-on-1 help from our CTL staff by emailing edtechtools@wustl.edu, scheduling a consultation, or calling us at 314-935-6810.  


Get a walkthrough or troubleshooting help in our step-by-step tutorials found at the bottom of each Guide linked above.  


We offer periodic workshops on our educational technology tools, which will be listed on our Events page and advertised in our newsletter. We can also provide a workshop for your department or center upon request. Contact us at edtechtools@wustl.edu to learn more.