Faith Zone Training

Faith Zone Training

A unique opportunity to promote inclusion and diversity as it relates to religious and philosophical life.

The Office for Religious, Spiritual and Ethical Life is offering a “Faith Zone” training for WashU faculty, students, and staff.

Participants in the training will gain an increased awareness of religious and philosophical diversity in the United States as well as within the WashU student body. Participants will also learn about tools for increasing their religious literacy and consider how we can promote inclusion and equity for our religious and non-religious communities. People of any religious background, or of no religious background, are welcome to attend the event.

This virtual training will be led by staff from New York University’s Center for Global Spiritual Life.

The training will be held on Friday, March 25th, from 9am – noon on Zoom. Advanced registration is required.

The event is sponsored by the Office for Religious, Spiritual and Ethical Life, the Academy for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and the Center for Teaching & Learning.

Please direct any questions to Callista Isabelle, the Director for Religious, Spiritual and Ethical Life.