Logging into Canvas

  1. Go to: https://mycanvas.wustl.edu/
  2. Click on “Login to MyCanvas”:
  3. Enter your WashU credentials and complete any verification steps

How to add Gradescope to a Canvas Course

  1. Open the Canvas course you want to add Gradescope to and click on Settings:
  2. Once you’re in Settings, go to Navigation:
  3. Scroll down the Navigation page until you find Gradescope
  4. Click on the three dots icon next to Gradescope and select “Enable”
  5. Click “Save”
  1. Click Gradescope in your left navigation menu
  2. Once it launches, choose to link to a new or existing Gradescope course, then click “Link Course”
  3. Add details for your assignment as needed. Then click “Update Course”

How to Sync Your Roster

  1. In the Gradescope interface, click Roster, then click Sync Canvas Roster from the bottom action bar
  2. Decide whether you want users to be notified via email that they have been added to the course. You can always Send Enrollment Notification at a later date using the button in the bottom action bar
  3. Click Sync Roster. Re-sync the roster as needed before the Add/Drop period
  1. Create an Assignment in Canvas
    1. In your Canvas course, go to Assignments and click +Assignment
    2. Fill in details for your assignment, including the overall point value
    3. Under Submission Type, select External Tool. Click Find and select Gradescope from the list
    4. Select “Load this Tools in a New Tab”
    5. Save or Save and Publish your assignment
  2. Create your Assignment in Gradescope. Make sure the point value on the Gradescope assignment matches the point value you gave the assignment in Canvas
  3. After you have created your Assignment, click Settings from the left sidebar in Gradescope. Scroll down to the Canvas Assignment section and click Link

How to grade submissions and publish grades

  1. Click Gradescope from your left navigation bar to load Gradescope in a new window or tab
  2. Go to your Assignments and open the one you want to grade
  3. Gradescope will walk you through the steps
  4. First, scan submissions into a PDF. Alternatively have students scan their work using the mobile app or via the Gradescope website. Address any issues as needed
  5. Match student names to submissions as needed. Many will be matched automatically by Gradescope
  6. Grade submissions with an existing or new rubric. Learn more about how to grade submissions in Gradescope via their video tutorial
  7. Review grades and then Post Grades to Canvas. Make sure to also Publish Grades in Gradescope so that students can see their annotated submissions, rubrics, and feedback in Gradescope

For a more detailed guide with additional images, see the Gradescope help article: Using Gradescope with Canvas as an Instructor