Getting Started

  • To project onto the interactive board, you will need to select a source on the Touch Panel under the “Smartboard Projector” side:

    • You can select “Press for same source on both projectors” to project the same thing on both screens.
  • If the Interactive Board doesn’t automatically come on, you can do so by pressing the power button:

How to Transfer Files to the Interactive Board

  • To transfer files to the interactive board, you will first want to open the input compartment by pressing on it and plugging in a USB stick into it:

    • You can also use the input compartment to go back to the main page (Home), control volume, change sources and more by clicking on the labeled buttons.
  • You will then click on “USB”, select the desired file to be displayed and click on “OPEN”:

  • You can use the bottom items to write (), highlight (), erase (), undo (), add or delete pages ( or ) or take screenshots ():

    • You can access screenshots by going back to the main page, clicking on the screenshot icon and then selecting the “Screenimage” album:

How to Connect your own Device to the Interactive Board

  • To connect your own device, use a HDMI cable to connect your device to the board and then selecting the HDMI1 screen:

How to Access Apps

• To access the apps available on the Interactive Board, click on the apps icon present on the main page: