Logging into Canvas

  1. Go to: https://mycanvas.wustl.edu/
  2. Click on “Login to MyCanvas”:
  3. Enter your WashU credentials and complete any verification steps.

How to add Kaltura to a Canvas Course

  1. Open the Canvas course you want to add Kaltura to and click on Settings:
  2. Once you’re in Settings, go to Navigation:
  3. Scroll down the Navigation page until you find Kaltura My Media and Kaltura Media Gallery:
  4. Click on the three dots icon next to Kaltura My Media and select “Enable”:
  5. Do the same for Kaltura Media Gallery and then hit “Save”:

Kaltura My Media vs. Kaltura Media Gallery

  • Kaltura My Media is where all your media will be stored regardless of what course page you’re in.
  • Kaltura Media Gallery is where all the media from the specific course page you’re in will be stored.