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Kaltura Canvas

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Tutorial guides for different topics on the Kaltura instance in Canvas.

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Kaltura Canvas Tutorials

  • How to Add Kaltura To a Canvas Course:
    • Logging into Canvas
    • How to Add Kaltura to a Canvas Course
    • Kaltura My Media vs. Kaltura Media Gallery
  • How to Upload, Create & Manage Media:
    • How to upload Media to Kaltura on Canvas
    • How to upload YouTube videos to Kaltura on Canvas
    • How to create a recording using Kaltura
    • The Kaltura Library
    • How to move media from Kaltura My Media to Kaltura Media Gallery
  • How to Share Media:
    • How to Publish a Video
    • How to Embed a Video
    • How to add Collaborators to your Media
    • How to delete Collaborators from your Media
    • How to Download your Media
  • How to Edit Media:
    • How to Edit media using Kaltura on Canvas
    • How to use Captions with Kaltura on Canvas
    • How to add Thumbnails to Kaltura media on Canvas
  • How to Use Playlists:
    • How to Create a new Playlist
    • How to Edit an existing Playlist
  • Interactive Video Quizzes:
    • How to Create a New interactive Video Quiz
    • How to Edit an Existing interactive Video Quiz

To access the tutorials, download the PDF guides located on the sidebar. 

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