Getting Started

Where is the classroom computer (PC)?

The PC is at the top or bottom of the “user” side of multimedia cabinet in the instructor’s desk or podium. The PCs can be hard to find, because they are small and black. Look for the unit labeled “computer.”

Where can I get the key that opens the multimedia cabinets in the instructor’s desks and podiums?

See your department secretary or Jeanine Gibson [Office of the University Registrar: Women’s Bldg., Suite 10, (314) 935-4145]. The same key, C415a, unlocks the multimedia cabinets in all University-managed classrooms.

My key does not open the cabinet.

Make sure that your key says C415a and that you are trying to open the “user” side of the cabinet. Jiggle the key a little, then lift up and press in the door while you turn the key.

Troubleshooting the Equipment

My picture is not displaying on the projection screen.

Try selecting a new source and then re-select your original source; allow a few seconds between selections. If using a Mac laptop, connect it to the system with a MAC cable and make sure “mirroring” has been enabled. (The Teaching Center has a few MAC cables that may be borrowed–on an emergency basis–by instructors, but it is best if you obtain your own.) If using a non-Mac laptop, toggle the function key with monitor picture (press Fn + F#); allow a few seconds between toggles.

Will my Blu-ray disc play in the classroom DVD players?

Blu-ray discs will only play in Blu-ray DVD players. In addition, please note that some Blu-ray discs are recorded in multi-region format. Multi-region Blu-ray discs will only play in multi-region players. Please consult the Classroom Directory to see if your classroom has the equipment that will play your disc.

When I play a video clip, VHS tape, or DVD, there is no sound.

Make sure the volume on the touch-panel control pad is not muted. Increase volume. If using the PC or a laptop, check the volume control on the computer and the software to make sure that all levels are up and not muted.

What is the best way to bring a presentation or other media into the classroom?

Save your file(s) using a cloud-storage service or on a USB drive that can be connected via one of the USB ports. For best results, download the file to the PC desktop. Please remove the file from the desktop at the end of class.

Where are the USB ports for the PC?

The ports are on the front of the PC, next to the inputs for headphones and a microphone.

The sound and video clips in my PowerPoint presentation are not playing.

You may have neglected to save both your PowerPoint (PPT) presentation and your audio or video clip. You must save video and audio clips separately from the PPT on a single storage device (USB drive or jump-drive, CD, etc.).

Will my non-US-made video (VHS or DVD) play in the classroom equipment?

Some, not all, of the University-managed classrooms contain the multi-region VCRs and region-free DVD players that will play non-US-made videos. To find out if your classroom has the necessary equipment, consult the Classroom Directory or call Jeanine Gibson at (314) 935-4145.

Troubleshooting Troubles

Still have questions?

If your question is not answered here, please call The Teaching Center at (314) 935-6810.

We are available Monday–Thursday: 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m; Friday: 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.