New Technologies Supporting Accessibility and Literacy: Read&Write and OrbitNote

The Center for Teaching and Learning, is proud to announce the launch of two exciting new literacy tools from TextHelp, Read&Write and OrbitNote, beginning in Summer 2023.

Read&Write and OrbitNote provide comprehensive tools that help students study, comprehend, and learn as they interact with materials on the web or in documents (Read&Write) and in PDFs (OrbitNote).

The toolbars includes over 20 unique applications including:

  • text-to-speech,
  • dictionaries,
  • highlighters,
  • screenmasking,
  • mp3 creation,
  • dictation,
  • prediction,
  • grammar and spell checker,
  • and other tools which support learners when they read, write, and interact with course content.

Who Can Benefit From Read&Write and OrbitNote?

  • Students with Learning and other Cognitive Disabilities
  • Non-Native English speakers, and students studying Foreign Languages
  • Students with large volumes of reading and written work
  • Students, such as Student-Athletes, who are frequently on-the-go
  • All students, faculty, and staff at WashU!

Get Started with Read&Write

Visit our Teaching Guide for additional information or explore the Read&Write features page for additional details about Read&Write and easy to follow video tips for using the various tools included.

Read&Write is available to all WashU Students, Faculty, and Staff at no cost as a desktop app (Mac and PC available) or browser extension (compatible with Chrome and Microsoft Edge).

Get Started with OrbitNote

Visit our Teaching Guide for additional details about OrbitNote or check out this quick guide for an overview of the various tools included.

OrbitNote is available to all WashU Students, Faculty, and Staff at no cost in Canvas through Assignments or as a browser extension (compatible with Chrome and Microsoft Edge).