WashU Gradescope institutional license now available

Learn about the newest CTL-supported EdTech tool: Gradescope


Gradescope, a tool designed to help streamline the administration and grading of assignments and assessments, is now available for all WashU instructors. It has been piloted in the College of Arts & Sciences as well as the McKelvey School of Engineering for a variety of courses in Canvas.

Gradescope has a suite of online tools that can help instructors manage student work, grade with dynamic rubrics, coordinate across multiple graders, and discuss feedback or regrades with students. It works with your existing paper-based or digital assignments. Learn more about how to teach with Gradescope in our CTL resource.

Get started with Gradescope by setting it up in your Canvas course and creating an assignment that links to Canvas.

The CTL will also host an Introduction to Gradescope workshop on Monday, August 22 at 1pm. This workshop will provide a full walkthrough of how to use Gradescope for the most common types of assignments and assessments.

For help with Gradescope or to discuss how to use it in your classes, contact the EdTech team at edtechtools@wustl.edu.