Getting started with Piazza 

Setting up your course on Piazza takes two minutes (video tutorial of these steps): 

  1. Navigate to 
  2. Search for your school in the School Search field.
  3. Enter your class name.  
  4. Click the + Create a new Class button.  
  5. Enter your course information.  
  6. Click Create Class.  
  7. Follow the prompts to add students, TAs, and share the Piazza link with students.  

Learn more about Piazza using the Professor Toolkit. It includes an in-depth product guide, professor case studies, tips for a successful class, boosting minorities’ participation in the class, information on FERPA compliance, and student privacy. 

Configuring Your Class  

There are a number of ways you, as an instructor, can configure your class. Visit the Manage Class page to change or view the various settings:  

  • Allow instructors to self-enroll via the class signup link, by providing a valid school email address.  
  • Keep the default folders (for organizing class content), otherwise edit them to better suit your class structure (or disable folders altogether).  
  • Allow private or anonymous student posting options.  
  • Enroll fellow instructors by pasting in their email addresses or sending them the enrollment link. 

Enrolling Your Students  

From your Manage Class page, you can enroll students in one of the following ways:  

  1. Paste in students’ email addresses (in any format), and we’ll automatically extract just the email addresses, and send the students Welcome Emails.  
  2. Upload your student roster file.  
  3. Copy the class signup link and send it out to your students. Students will need to provide a valid school email address if your school has an email domain associated. with it, otherwise they will need to provide an access code which you can find on the same Manage Class page.  
  4. Note, during Add/Drop period, you can use our add/drop roster feature by checking the box that enables add/drop support prior to copying in students’ emails or uploading your student roster. This feature can be helpful during the first couple weeks of the term when the student roster is continually changing.  

Creating Your First Post  

It might be a good idea to create an introductory note, welcoming your students to Piazza. Click the New Post button in the top left of your Q&A dashboard to create a question, note, or poll depending on what you’d like to post. You can also send them the video introduction for students.