3 students from the EPIC spring 2023 learning community sit around a table and work through a scenario during a meeting.


EPIC Learning Community


EPIC: Exploring Practices in the Classroom is an interdisciplinary learning community for graduate students who are in their first years.

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Lisa Kuehne, PhD

Assistant Director of Graduate and Postdoc Programs


Registration for the Spring 2024 EPIC cohort:

Registration has closed but there might still be a chance to participate--email Lisa Kuehne to learn more.

Please feel free to reach out to Dr. Lisa Kuehne at lmkuehne@wustl.edu with questions.

EPIC Overview

Three students from the Spring 2023 EPIC learning community sit around a table and work together at an activity during the meeting.The EPIC Learning Community is an interdisciplinary program for graduate students in their first years at Washington University who are getting ready for or participating in their initial teaching experiences. The program provides a structure in which graduate students can develop relationships with others who are interested in learning more about and participating in pedagogical conversations across campuses and disciplines.

Throughout the program, participants will gain confidence discussing topics critical to teaching in the twenty-first century classroom. Participants will also begin to develop the tools necessary to succeed in this environment. Though separate, EPIC acts as a stepping stone to the more advanced-level programming offered through the Center for Teaching and Learning’s Professional Development in Teaching Program.

EPIC was supported by an Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE) National Science Foundation Award through the CIRTL Network, a consortium of institutions that Washington University has been a member of since 2012. The purpose of both the award and the consortium is to increase student diversity in STEM by introducing future faculty to effective evidence-based classroom strategies. This program was developed in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Maria O'Campo Quote about EPIC

The goal of the EPIC Learning Community is to create a space where graduate students in their first years at Washington University can explore pedagogical research, discuss with their peers, and learn techniques to support their future instruction.

Participants in this program will:

  • Develop reflective teaching habits.
  • Become familiar with current conversations in pedagogical research on evidence-based teaching.
  • Gain confidence in talking about their teaching and participating in pedagogical discourse.
  • Make informed choices in course planning and classroom management.
  • Build relationships with other graduate students who are invested in conversations about teaching.
  • Identify and become involved in teaching-related professional development opportunities offered by Center for Teaching and Learning and campus partners.

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