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Adjusting Your Syllabus During COVID-19

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How to adjust your syllabus during COVID-19.

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Eric Fournier

Eric Fournier

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You can view syllabus and health and safety protocols from the university here.

What elements of a syllabus might grow in importance during this teaching and learning situation? What questions might you want to make sure you have answered in your syllabus related to these elements? Consult the information below to learn more:

Additional Considerations for Your Syllabus During Covid-19

Beyond traditional syllabus components, there are a few other key elements that you may wish to include in your syllabi for this fall, depending on your mode of instruction. Some of these will be more important for online courses than hyflex courses, or vice versa. There is something to be said for keeping your syllabus brief, but students may have additional questions along these lines. Even if you don’t put them in your syllabus, you might consider adding this information elsewhere in your Canvas course shell.

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