Six Ways to Engage Your Students in the Day of Discovery, Dialogue & Action 2019

1) Encourage your students to attend events designed for them:

Dine & Dialogue with Engaged Citizens & Community Leaders
Monday Feb. 18 6:00-8:30pm

Discover & Dialogue The Color of Medicine Screening & Panel
Wednesday Feb. 20 6:00-8:30pm

2) Invite your students to participate in community-wide events:

See the program for detailed information:

3) Bring your class to any session that aligns with your course goals!
Just RSVP for your class!

4) Offer your students opportunities to engage with the theme:
Dialogues Across Difference through assignments.

  • Encourage students to have a conversation with someone who holds a different perspective on a topic related to the course, and produce a short reflection from the experience.
  • Ask students to attend a session or experience of their choosing throughout the event (or participate in activism or a service-oriented event on another day), and reflect on the topic as it relates to your course.
  • Ask students to report an action they plan to take to “Make Change Happen” in the next month or year.

5) Plan a class day that engages your course topic with the theme:
Dialogues Across Difference

  • Incorporate a group discussion activity into your course where students share in conversations like those in the “WU in Focus” panel or other panels from the Day of Discovery, Dialogue, & Action.

6) Share the livestream or recordings in your lab, office, or classroom.

For more suggestions on how to engage your students in these activities or to make your classroom a space for Discovery, Dialogue and Action, contact The Teaching Center.