New Staff Profile: Doug Hughey, Classroom Services

The Center for Teaching and Learning is featuring profiles on new staff members so the WashU community can learn more about our team. This week, we’re featuring Doug Hughey, computer specialist in Classroom Services. You can read more about Doug here

What are your responsibilities at The Center for Teaching and Learning?

I am a computer specialist in the Classroom Support group. Right now, I am getting cross-trained on everything, including classroom hardware and software such as room controllers and other AV equipment and instructional software such as Kaltura and Canvas.

What drew you to the position?

Working in education gives me a strong sense of fulfillment because I strongly believe in the power of education to enhance peoples’ lives. I also really enjoy the higher education environment, which WashU makes a great fit for me. And I enjoy roles where I’m always learning, there is a variety of work to be done, and I can work with technology. This role promised all of that, and in the short time I have been here, it’s certainly delivered.

In my previous role, I was the sole IT support for a department. I had some student workers, but no full-time staff colleagues who shared my love of IT. I’m very much enjoying the camaraderie of working together with a close-knit team, bouncing ideas around and helping each other achieve individual and department goals.

What is your education and work background? How did it prepare you for this role?

I have a bachelor’s in Information Systems from SIUE and an MBA with an Information Systems emphasis from UMSL. I have spent the past 16 years working in roles within higher education. The combination of IT and business education and experience helps me quickly and effectively evaluate business and technical problems and provide compassionate customer service. My years of experience in higher education help me to do all of this effectively in unique environment of higher education.

What is your favorite place to eat in St. Louis?

That’s a hard one to pin down. Can I pick three? Two of my favorite restaurants are nearby on the Loop: Salt + Smoke has some incredible barbecue, particularly the burnt ends, and Pi makes my favorite pizza in St. Louis. A bit further out, Texas Roadhouse serves up some excellent steak without breaking the bank.

What are some of your favorite St. Louis destinations?

I have a couple of grade school age girls, so my favorite destinations are family favorites. A few that come immediately to mind include the Zoo, the Magic House, and Creve Coeur Park.

What is a fun fact about you?

I enjoy creative pursuits, such as writing, drawing, designing, and photography. If you’d like some insight into both my writing and one of my projects at my last job, check out my article, “A Cost-Effective Solution to Video Debriefing and Livestreaming in Nursing Simulation”, published in the journal Clinical Simulation in Nursing.