Taking a ‘SMART’ Approach to Student Learning

Many students believe that working harder and longer results in better outcomes, but sometimes working more efficiently is key to their success. Teachers can present a “SMART” approach to students to help them study more effectively, writes Conred Maddox, assistant professor of language arts at Honolulu Community College, in a recent Faculty Focus article. “SMART” practice stands for strategy, mindful, adaptive, reflective, and timely themes that students can use to become better learners. For example, reflective students identify what strategies work best for them and then alter their approach as needed. Mindful students will shut off technology while they’re studying to concentrate on the material, Maddox writes.

“…(I)nstructors investing in improving the students’ student skills will have a greater impact on the student persistence than simply helping them pass the course. Ultimately, the instructor and students benefit when both invest time throughout the semester to polish student skills,” Maddox writes in the story.