Med Campus Evidence-Based Teaching For Researchers Event

On Friday, September 21, DBBS is proud to present a day of evidence-based teaching demonstrations and workshops with Dr. Kimberly Tanner, Director of the Science Education Partnership and Assessment Laboratory at San Francisco State University. The plenary lecture is open to all WashU community members and the afternoon workshop is designed for faculty.

9-10:am Plenary Lecture: This free lecture provides an overview of evidence-based teaching with demonstrations of specific strategies. Location: McDonnell Sciences Building, Erlanger Auditorium.

12:00-5:00pm Lunch & Workshop: This free five-hour workshop is comprised of 3 learning sessions: 1) Engaging Students and Making Classrooms Inclusive: Cross-Disciplinary Tools, Insights, and Strategies to Promote Student Success; 2) Moving Towards Active Learning, Both Inside and Outside of Class Time; 3) Order Matters: Becoming Metacognitive about Teaching Choices. Lunch will be provided with RSVP. Location: TBD.

RSVP is required for afternoon lunch & workshop: