A Thankful Reflection from the CTL Graduate Fellows

Jacqueline, Katherine, and Zoe reflect on their experience during this semester.

Thanking our Fellow Fellows 

In September of 2023, the Center for Teaching and learning hired us as a cohort of three Graduate Fellows in Educational Development. The opportunity to work and grow alongside each other while being supported by members of the CTL staff has been such an impactful experience. We wanted to extend our gratitude to everyone who has supported our growth and highlight a few of the many things that we are grateful for in our experiences at the CTL thus far: 

On the Fellows Program: 

My experience has benefited greatly from entering this role in a cohort with other fellows. We have been able to help each other navigate the successes and difficulties of balancing this role with our own research, and I have learned so much from seeing them explore their interests and discuss their perspectives on pedagogy and education. I’m excited to collaborate with them to create resources for the WashU community and can’t imagine doing this without them! – Jacqueline

I could not be more thankful to be working with the other graduate fellows at the CTL! They are amazing colleagues, and I am immensely grateful for our shared dialogue, their feedback, and all our work together. – Katherine 

The CTL graduate fellows program has been a wonderful experience for me so far. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from an outstanding team of educators and to conduct original scholarship in educational development. From their insights into education to their varied academic and life experiences to their camaraderie as the initial class of graduate fellows, I could not have asked for better colleagues! – Zoe 

Thankful for Jacqueline

I am so thankful for Jacqueline’s incredible contributions on a wide variety of projects, her innovative ideas, and all her support! She is always ready to bring her considerable knowledge and project management skills to a new initiative.  – Katherine

It is hard to think of a facet of the CTL’s graduate programming that Jacqueline has not improved. She is the model of educational development and has a seemingly bottomless well of ideas and passion to improve the CTL’s graduate programming. It is a true privilege to collaborate with someone as capable and with the leadership and drive that Jacqueline has.  – Zoe 

Thankful for Katherine

Katherine is such a thoughtful and insightful leader. She cares deeply about best practices in teaching and brings creative and informed solutions to the table. I’m grateful to be able to bounce ideas off of her and have learned so much from being able to talk to her about teaching and pedagogy!  – Jacqueline 

Katherine’s passion for teaching and for teaching well is evident in every one of my interactions with her. I often find myself in awe of her commitment to teaching undergraduates and mentoring first-time graduate student instructors through EPIC. I am extremely lucky to have a colleague who is so knowledgeable about the art and practice of education and so generous with sharing her expertise.  – Zoe 

Thankful for Zoe

Zoe is such an enthusiastic and driven scholar.  She is passionate and works diligently on projects that aim to improve the lives of others, both in her work outside of the CTL and in the programs that she is developing this year. She is always happy to share her knowledge with others and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from her experience!  – Jacqueline 

I am very thankful for Zoe’s brilliant insights, commitment to research and evidence-based programming, and generosity with her time and feedback! Her extensive experience with learning communities and study design has been invaluable. – Katherine  

To the CTL team:

We are incredibly thankful for all the guidance and support we fellows have received from the CTL team. They are such a committed, knowledgeable, and encouraging group of mentors who have helped us enormously with developing projects and with our professional development.