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Call for Special Interest Group Discussants: 5th Annual Language Teaching Fair

The Center for Teaching & Learning and Language Teaching Fair Planning Committee invite language instructors to submit proposals to participate in a roundtable-style discussion on language teaching as part of the 5th Annual WashU Language Teaching Fair.

The Center for Teaching & Learning and Coalition for Language Teaching and Learning Language Teaching Fair Planning Committee invite you to save the date and submit proposals to participate in a roundtable-style discussion on language teaching as part of the 5th Annual WashU Language Teaching Fair.

The 5th Annual Language Teaching Fair will take place on Monday, August 21st from 2:15-5pm. We are planning for a primarily in-person teaching fair this fall but will provide Zoom accommodations for those who are out of town or who have other circumstances that necessitate Zoom participation.

Roundtable discussants will engage with others on the panel and share a few best practices from their own teaching with the audience. Roundtable presentations will be 10-12 minutes in length (depending on number of participants in roundtable), with time for discussion at the end.

Language instructors interested in presenting may submit a brief 350-word proposal to take part in one of the following sessions:

  1. Using Emerging Technologies in Language Teaching (e.g., How do you use AI tools, Canvas, or other educational technologies?)
  2. Engaging with Inclusive and Equitable Practices in the Language Classroom (e.g., How do your classes foster a sense of belonging for all students, foreground social justice, and/or support a diversity of learners?)
  3. Supporting the Development of Intercultural Competence (e.g., How do your classes help foster respect for and understanding of diverse cultural contexts? How do they prepare students to engage cross-culturally?)
  4. Strengthening Students Communication Skills (e.g., What activities, assignments, and/or tools do you use to help students strength written and/or oral communication skills?)

Proposals should include a title, provide a brief overview of what you’d like to share, and describe the applicability of the topic to a wide range of language faculty. Instructors are welcome to submit joint proposals if they wish to do so.

Preference will be given to proposals that have wide potential for transferability across course-levels and departments. In an effort to increase cross-disciplinary and department conversation, the planning committee will also seek to diversify departments represented on each panel when possible.

Proposal deadline is Tuesday, August 1st

Proposals can be submitted here. Registration for the Language Teaching Fair will be available on the CTL events page.

Please feel free to contact Meg Gregory, Associate Director for Faculty Programing, Center for Teaching and Learning, at with questions. Note that while Meg’s last day at the CTL is July 7th, that she will still be participating as a member of the planning committee beyond that date. For questions about logistics, Zoom accommodations, or registration information after July 7th, please email Eric Fournier at