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Meet the newest CTL Graduate Fellows!

Welcome Nicole, Sophie, and Emily to the CTL team!

We have three new CTL Graduate Fellows in educational development joining our team.

In addition to the three graduate students who joined the CTL team this fall, we are excited to announce that three additional students will join us as the spring cohort of CTL Graduate Fellows. These two cohorts will work together to support and extend our programming and services, particularly those designed for other graduate students.

Each one of them brings a wealth of experience and perspectives on how we can better support all who teach at WashU. We look forward to applying their ideas, contributions, and commitment to enhance our work in educational development.

Nicole Strombom  

Nicole A. Strombom, JD, MPH, CPH (she/her) is a 4th year Public Health Sciences PhD student. Nicole is a Legal Epidemiologist and utilizes this methodology to understand how laws create social contexts that impact health outcomes. Currently, her research focuses on child, maternal, and family health. Nicole is the Clark-Fox Policy Institute’s Pre-Doctoral Fellow. Nicole is a Graduate Student Affiliate of CRE2. Additionally, she serves on the Graduate Student Senate. When Nicole is not wearing the hat of student and researcher, she is a mom to two little girls. She is Corgi obsessed!

As a dyslexic student, Nicole is greatly interested in individualized learning experiences that are shaped to best convey a topic to a specific student. This interest led Nicole to become involved with the CTL to better understand educational development and evidence-based practice in teaching methodologies. She is involved in many CTL initiatives including previously participating in EPIC (Exploring Practices in the Classroom learning community), completing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Seminar, finishing the Professional Development in Teaching Program’s Practitioner level, and serving on the CTL Graduate Student and Postdoc Advisory Council. Nicole is excited to join the excellent team of Fellows and collaboratively work on evidence-based educational development content.

Sophie Su

Sophie Su (she/her) is a third-year PhD student in Psychological and Brain Sciences working with Dr. Jeff Zacks. Her research interest includes exploring how humans perceive and interact with dynamic environments by building computational models. In her free time, her interests span a wide spectrum, from F1 racing and soccer to musicals, and she is passionate about integrating these diverse pursuits into her research. As a new CTL Fellow, Sophie is thrilled about leveraging her quantitative analysis skills to develop innovative tools that will assist instructors and policymakers in making informed decisions.

Emily Thompson

Emily Thompson (she/her) is a PhD candidate in the Department of Art History and Archaeology specializing in early modern Italian sculpture and gardens. Her dissertation titled, “One as One Thousand: Giambologna’s Samson Slaying a Philistine and the Intersections of Early Modern Florentine Art, Culture, and Alchemy,” analyzes the making of the Samson and its place in early modern Florence by examining the socio-cultural, political, and artistic conditions that led to its creation, placement, and eventual status as a diplomatic gift.

She joins the CTL team this spring as the Mark S. Weil and Joan Hall Weil Professional Development Fellow for 2023-2024. She has been participating in CTL workshops and programming since she started her MA at WashU in 2016 and has gained so much from their amazing team. As a CTL fellow she is excited to share her enthusiasm for teaching and developing student learning with instructors across campus. When she isn’t focused on academic endeavors you can find her building and refinishing furniture!