Educational Technology Updates – 06/09/2023

Padlet Updates

New Feature: Searching & Sorting

With the new Searching & Sorting feature, you will be able to:

New Feature: Padlet App For Zoom

Use the new Padlet app for Zoom to present interactive, lag-free presentations, collaborate, or take notes with Padlet during Zoom calls.

Security Updates: Link Verification & Report Tools

System Improvements: WCAG A Accesibility

The Padlet login page is now WCAG A accessible.


Annoto Updates

New Feature: Limit Fast-Forwarding

This new feature enables instructors to prevent learners from fast forwarding the video, in order to ensure the video is watched without skipping. You can find this option within the Preferences in the Annoto Dashboard.

Limit fast forwarding

Click here to learn more about it.