Helpful Hints to Improve Student Study Habits

Studying, even among students in higher education, can remain an elusive skill. Part of the reason is because some students never learned properly how to study, according to a recent Washington Post article. The story includes interviews with education professionals such as Henry Roediger III, professor of psychology and brain science at Washington University in St. Louis and co-author of the book “Make It Stick.”

“It is somewhat shocking how many students just don’t know how to (study), which frustrates them and can turn them off to enjoying learning,” Roediger said, as quoted by the Washington Post. “It’s something that needs to be taught in third or fourth grade and reinforced throughout their school years.”

Roediger and other educators offer advice for how students can develop better study habits. Even though the advice in the article is geared toward younger students, the same tips can apply to students in higher education. Strategies include establishing a regular routine or times for homework; engaging in spaced practice, or studying one subject, taking a break, and studying it again; interleaving, or mixing subjects and topics while studying; retrieving information while studying; and focusing on deeper learning rather than gathering facts for quick recall.