Hypothesis Partner Workshops

Hypothesis Partner Workshops--Open to Faculty at WashU

Hypothesis has added a number of partner workshops for those teaching at schools with Hypothesis licenses, including WashU. These workshops are open to any faculty who are currently teaching with Hypothesis or wish to do so in the future. Note that these workshops are provided through Hypothesis support and are not specifically affiliated with the CTL. RSVP by clicking on the links below:

Using Hypothesis with small groups

When teaching a large class, it can be challenging to engage every student and ensure that no one feels invisible. Using Hypothesis for social annotation in small groups can help you make more meaningful and collaborative connections with your students. One of our most frequent requests is for the ability to segment large classes. This workshop focuses on the options for using Hypothesis in small groups, and it will cover how social annotation can be used to create a more collaborative learning environment.

Grading Hypothesis-enabled readings

The Hypothesis LMS app has been integrated into the grading tool in your learning management system, making it easier to assess student annotations. This workshop will walk you through not only how to grade, but the intent and purpose of grading annotations in Hypothesis-enabled readings. The Hypothesis team will share examples of annotations in courses and lead a discussion about grading.

Using multimedia in annotations

Whether you’re having students reply to your syllabus with funny GIFs or asking them to create videos in response to a current-events article, Hypothesis provides a text editor that allows you to include links, images, text, and videos in your and your students’ annotations. This workshop will walk you through how to add multimedia as annotations, and offer ideas for embedding images and videos.

Creative ways to use social annotation in your courses

In this workshop, our team will lead participants in a discussion about how collaborative annotation with Hypothesis can be used in their particular disciplines and dovetail with their specific teaching and learning objectives. Participants will come away from this session with a clear idea of how to expand their usage of collaborative annotation in their courses to improve student success.

You can find recordings of previous partner workshops on our YouTube channel.

If you have any questions about these workshops please contact Becky George at rebecca.george@hypothesis.is