Information on Wellness Days – Spring 2021

Guidance for instructors on restrictions for course activity on the spring semester Wellness Days

The communication on the Spring 2021 calendar (both original and revised) referred to restrictions on what can be due following wellness days, in order that these days may be as rejuvenating as possible for instructors, students, and AIs. The details of these restrictions (agreed upon across Arts & Sciences, McKelvey School of Engineering, Olin Business School, and Sam Fox School) are:

  • No mandatory or optional class meetings may occur on wellness days.
  • No assignments may be due or assessments (tests, quizzes) given on March 4 or April 13.
  • No AIs shall be required to return graded work on wellness days, March 4, or April13.
  • No assessments (tests, quizzes) may be given or major assignments (>15% of final grade) due on March 5 or April 14.

For a graphical version, please see below. Students may earn participation/attendance related points in class in the days following wellness days (e.g., via clicker questions about in-class material or in-class polling). Routine, low-stakes assignments (response papers, problem sets, etc.) may be due on March 5th and 14th. Students have been informed of these rules and will be provided a mechanism for contacting their Dean’s Office if instructors are assigning things within these windows.

Please note, these restrictions do not automatically apply to the additional department/program-based “study days”; an academic unit is welcome to choose to do something similar for study days, but is in no way obliged.



Image source: McKelvey School of Engineering