How to Create a New interactive Video Quiz

  1. Go to your Kaltura My Media page, select “Add New” and then select “Video Quiz”:

  2. You will then have two options: if you want to upload a new video for your interactive quiz, click on “Upload Media”. If you want to use an existing video, scroll down to the desired video and click on “Select”:

    If you select “Upload Media”, follow the instructions on your screen to properly upload your media and then continue to step 3.

  3. You will then be taken to the Video Quiz interface. To add a new question, scroll to the time you want your question to appear at and then click on “Add a Question”:

  4. Select what type of question you’d like by clicking on one of the four options and fill in the questions and answers boxes accordingly. Once you’re done, hit “Save”:

    • By clicking on the lightbulb icon, you can add a hint or rationale to you question:

  5. Once you’re done with adding your questions, there are a couple more changes you can make:

    • By clicking on the icon indicated above, you will have the following customization options:


  6. Once you’re done with your final customizations, click on “Preview” to see how your video quiz will look like. If you’re satisfied, click on “Done”:

How to Edit an Existing interactive Video Quiz

  1. Go to Kaltura My Media or Kaltura Media Gallery and click on the pencil (edit) icon on the video quiz you want to edit:

    • For Kaltura Media Gallery, click on the “…” icon to display the edit button:

  2. Once you’re in the Edit page, click on the “Launch Editor” button: