Midsemester Feedback: Resources and Tips

Experts offer innovative ideas

In a recent blog post from the Associate of College and University Educators (ACUE), Dr. Viji Sathy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill shares insights into collecting focused student feedback. Dr. Sathy argues that collecting midsemester feedback can not only improve a course, but also provides an opportunity to model for students how to give feedback more generally. This valuable skill serves students later in life and helps focus end-of-the-semester course evaluations towards substantive issues and away from superficial personal characteristics.

In the short video below, Dr. Sathy shares some of her thoughts in this area. The full post of her comments can be read on the ACUE website.

The Center for Teaching and Learning also offers tips for collecting student feedback and templates to collect feedback in Canvas, Google Forms or Qualtrics. We are also available for confidential individual consultations to help you plan your midsemester feedback efforts.