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Templates for Quick Student Feedback

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Gather quick and useful student feedback about your course with our easy-to-use templates.

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Want quick and useful student feedback about your course?

Get started with survey templates created through collaboration between CIRCLE and the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Survey Templates for Canvas / Google Forms / Qualtrics

We offer templates available for use in Canvas, Google Forms and Qualtrics. The templates all have the same questions and are fully customizable; use whichever platform you prefer. Please note that only Google Forms and Qualtrics offer truly anonymous surveys. Each format has four templates available for gathering various kinds of feedback:

  • Quick Course Pulse: General feedback on how the course is going overall
  • Quick Feedback on a Course Activity: Feedback on a specific course activity
  • Quick Activity Feedback – Group Work: Feedback on a group assignment or activity
  • Quick Lecture Feedback: Feedback specific to lecture portions of a course

Using these Templates in your Course

  • Consider each template as a jumping off point. You can use them as is, or you can update them to better fit your needs by changing settings or editing, adding, or deleting questions. Instructions and tips are included in the survey guides found on the pages for each survey mode.
  • Under “Downloads” there is a pdf guide explaining how to use each kind of template in detail (Canvas / Google Forms / Qualtrics).
  • If you’d like further help or input on collecting student feedback, schedule a consultation with CTL staff or contact Rick Moore, the Assistant Director for Assessment and Evaluation rick.moore@wustl.edu

Canvas Templates for Student Feedback

Created through a collaboration between CIRCLE and the Center for Teaching and Learning. To preview the templates and import them into your courses, log into Canvas, and then follow the links below. Alternatively, you can also search for the templates within Canvas Commons using the instructions further down the page.

See our pdf guide download that includes detailed instructions plus general tips on collecting student feedback using these templates.

Available Survey Templates

To ensure that the links below work, please log into Canvas and click the Canvas commons logo link on the left navigation panel to visit Canvas Commons.

If you still can’t get to the surveys via the links, please follow the instructions below to access the surveys by searching Canvas Commons. Once you’ve imported a survey into your course, it can be found under the “Quizzes” where you can make any changes you need and publish it to your students.

Accessing Surveys via Canvas Commons Search

You can also find the survey templates by searching Canvas Commons directly. In Canvas, click the Canvas commons logo  icon on the left navigation panel and then locate the survey via the search bar, searching for the title of the survey plus CIRCLE or CTL. You can also filter the search to only include results shared with the WashU community.

Correct results will have the following image:



Google Form Templates for Student Feedback

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