New Course Management Tool Launches at WashU

Washington University in St. Louis recently began a university-wide subscription to LabArchives. LabArchives is an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) and Data Research Management tool. There are two versions of LabArchives available: an Education Edition (also known as the Classroom Edition) for use in the classroom by instructors and a Researcher Edition (also known as the Professional Edition) for researchers.

The Education and Classroom Edition allows instructors to easily manage course assignments, assign grades, and monitor student work. It is also fully integrated with Canvas which makes adding students to a course notebook very simple. A library of content is available to all instructors, giving them access to hundreds of labs, protocols, and ready-to-go course-packs which can be used as-is or customized for their course. Read instructor and faculty testimonials here. There are several WashU faculty members already using LabArchives including Professor Joseph Klaesner, who uses it to teach BME 401.

The Researcher Edition of LabArchives allows researchers to organize laboratory and research data in an intuitive folder structure all while helping to maintain data integrity and protect intellectual property on a secure, cloud-based platform. Institutions such as Duke University recently decided to adopt LabArchives and the Research Edition. Read more about Duke’s decision to adopt the systems here. Instructors can also read a testimonial from UNC HIV Cure Center here.

There are many benefits to using LabArchives in place of a paper notebook or other electronic filing systems. A PDF document highlights those benefits and includes information on how to create an account and register for a webinar to learn more. Additionally, Linda Cubias, Enterprise Success Manager for LabArchives, is available to meet one-on-one with faculty, researchers, or labs that have further questions about LabArchives and would like to schedule a private training session.

Access a link to register for your free account here.

Feel free to contact Linda Cubias at with questions. Instructors can also contact for additional support.