PLTL International Society Annual Conference Coming in June 2022

Peer-Led Team Learning International Society (PLTLIS) Annual Conference

“Navigating the Confluence of Academic Disciplines, Leader Training, and Student Learning through the Changing Landscape of PLTL”
June 1-4, 2022
Washington University in St. Louis

The Peer-Led Team Learning International Society (PLTLIS) is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year with a hybrid conference hosted by Washington University in St. Louis! Participants can attend the conference in-person on the Danforth campus or virtually.

What is PLTL?

Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) is an internationally recognized, structured peer-led learning model that utilizes evidence-based teaching, learning and small group facilitation strategies. Research has demonstrated that the model improves student engagement and learning. Aspects of PLTL can be implemented in any size course at any level. At WashU, PLTL is a critical component of several large lecture courses including calculus, general chemistry and introductory physics.

Who is encouraged to attend?

  • Instructors interested in learning more about active learning
  • Practitioners of PLTL and other active learning strategies
  • Undergraduate peer leaders/mentors
  • Academic administrators
  • Instructional designers, curriculum directors and developers

Keynote Speakers:

  • Barbara Oakley, Professor of Engineering, Oakland University; bestselling author of “Learning to Learn” and “Uncommon Sense Teaching”
  • David Arendale, Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota; celebrated expert in peer-learning program and access to learning assistance

Presentations and Discussions Will Highlight:

  • Best practices in the areas of team learning, instructor support, and training of student leaders
  • Strategies for supporting academic programs across disciplines/departments/institutions
  • Ideas for implementing the PLTL model as a tool to address barriers to student learning

Registration Information:

Register by May 11, 2022 to receive the reduced conference rates:

  • $325 for in-person / $125 for virtual.

Register for pre-conference workshops (scheduled for June 1) at an additional cost:

  • $30 for in-person /$25 for virtual

Abstract Submission:

Practitioners of PLTL (including Instructors, Administrators and PLTL Leaders) are encouraged to submit an abstract for presentations or posters by April 22, 2022:

WashU Contacts:

  • Center for Teaching and Learning (Jay Sriram,
  • Department of Chemistry (Megan Daschbach,
  • Department of Mathematics and Statistics (Lisa Kuehne,
  • The College Office (Gabriela Szteinberg,