Remembering Jim Davis

The Teaching Center joins the Washington University community in remembering the leadership, kindness, and humor of James Davis, professor emeritus of political science, who died on April 29, 2016. A beloved teacher and colleague, Jim was the director of The Teaching Center between 1996 and 2001. Under Jim’s leadership, The Teaching Center expanded its classroom support to include multimedia technology.

Liz Peterson, associate director for classroom growth, describes Jim as “an expert in building relationships for The Teaching Center and Classroom Monitoring Committee–moving forward our agenda for the University-managed classrooms in tandem with the University’s goals.” She noted that Jim was a great problem solver who was skilled at reaching out to partners on campus to find “win-win solutions for all. Liz notes, “It was maneuvering worthy of a five-star general. Jim was a wonderful person and a great mentor. I will miss him dearly.”

Please read more about Professor Jim Davis in the Washington University Record.