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Using the Cameras in a 2-Camera Classroom

Some of the classrooms (Jubel 120, Jubel 121, McDonnell 362, Simon 17, Weil 10, Wrighton 301) have a camera system that works slightly differently than the other pooled classrooms. These are the rooms that had cameras installed pre-covid. Their disadvantage is that they are only controlled by the Creston monitor at the front of the class; they cannot be accessed remotely through an IP address. So, they must be controlled by the instructor and not by an AI, TA, or CEM. Their advantages are that they are very simple to control and there are two cameras that can easily be toggled between, so if a student in the classroom is talking, the back-facing camera can capture them for the recording and/or for students who are on zoom, out of the room.

  • Once you have logged on to Canvas and started your Zoom class, to access the cameras, first click on the Room PC button.
  • Then click the Cameras button, and the camera will show up on the screen.
  • You can choose either the Front or Rear camera, can pan/tilt and zoom, or can use a set of 4 presets, which are all clearly marked.
  • For example, here is an example of the range of the zoom, from zoomed-out to zoomed-in.
  • You can change a camera preset by holding one of the preset buttons down for several seconds until the “Preset Save” button appears.

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