Remote Teaching and Learning Website Retirement

As we look ahead towards moving back to largely in-person instruction, the CTL will continue to work closely with faculty and administrators from across schools to support an effective transition for instructors and their student learners. As part of this transition, the Teaching & Learning Remotely website has been retired. However, several of the resources on the site may continue to be of use to instructors beyond the 2020-2021 school year. As such, these resources have been integrated with the following CTL Resource pages:

In addition, digital training options remain available for those who wish to become acquainted with Canvas. Find more information about these training options below:

  • Welcome to Canvas Course: This asynchronous online tool, which is already located within your own personal Canvas account, provides you with step-by-step instructions for building your course within Canvas. If you log in to WashU’s My Canvas, you will see the course already on your dashboard. Video guides include topics such as Building and Organizing Content, Assignments and Assessments, Grading, Importing Content, and Opening and Publishing a Course. There is also information on where to go for additional support.
  • Foundations in Digital Pedagogy Course: This modular asynchronous Canvas course provides concise advice on how to adapt instruction, communication, and student engagement to digital teaching tools, and covers the different scenarios of online, hybrid, and hyflex teaching modes. It is also already available on your MyCanvas dashboard. Please contact your Canvas administrator if you don’t yet have access to this course.
  • Canvas Guides: Provide comprehensive information for instructors on various elements of Canvas.
  • School-specific Canvas support remains available for users as well.