Padlet Updates and Webinars

Learn more about updates to Padlet as well as upcoming free trainings hosted by the vender. 

Padlet is a digital pinboard institutionally supported by WashU.


In addition to many existing accessibility features, here are a few changes designed to help users operating with a screen reader:

  • Added proper labels to images, buttons, and text so that they are announced accurately.
  • Expanded the functionality of keyboard navigation for the dashboard and padlet pages.
  • Added more headings and landmarks to improve navigability.

Did you know Padlet supports 30+ languages? See if your language of choice is supported.


Sign up for the upcoming seminars below at this registration link.

Padlet 101
Start times: 8am and 12pm
Duration: 90 minutes
Whether you are a veteran or novice Padlet user, you will be amazed by ALL the things you can do with Padlet! In this session, you will learn how to organize, create, innovate, share, and protect your own padlets while discussing how to motivate students to use and create their own as well. After this session, you will be reinvigorated for teaching, learning, and collaboration!

Templates in Padlet
Start times: 10am and 2pm
Duration: 60 minutes
Templates simply make educators’ lives easier! Come learn how to find & use free Padlet templates that are educator-created. And, even better, how to create your own time-saving templates using the different formats in Padlet. You will leave this session excited to use these new resources the very next day!