Upcoming Fall vendor trainings from Hypothesis

If you use Hypothesis to engage your students with readings – or are interested in doing so, check out the following workshops below, hosted by Hypothesis. You can also sign up for a walkthrough or consult about how to use Hypothesis in your class with a CTL staff member. More details about Hypothesis can be found on the CTL quick start guide or resource page.

Activating annotation with Hypothesis in Canvas (30 minutes)

This is a great introductory workshop if you’re new to adding Hypothesis as an external tool to your readings in Canvas.

Using multimedia & tags in annotations (30 minutes)

This workshop walks you through how to increase engagement by adding multimedia and tags in annotations.

Using Hypothesis with small groups (30 minutes)

This workshop focuses on the options for using Hypothesis in small groups and covers how social annotation can be used to create a more collaborative learning environment.

Creative ways to use social annotation in your courses (30 minutes)

This workshop covers a variety of discussion protocols and active-learning strategies that can help make social annotation even more fun and engaging for you and your students.

Show-and-tell participatory workshop (30 minutes)

This workshop will help instructors who have already been using Hypothesis more fully leverage all of its features. Come to this session with one or more examples of an effective and meaningful annotation assignment that your students completed.