Using Bloom’s Taxonomy in Online Discussion Boards: Faculty Focus

Using Bloom’s Taxonomy in formulating online discussion board prompts could be beneficial, said Stephanie Smith Budhai, PhD, in a recent Faculty Focus piece. In the article, Dr. Smith Budhai examines each level of the taxonomy and links it to activities or teaching techniques.

For example, for the lowest level of the taxonomy, “Remember,” instructors can ask students to create an infographic using Canva to highlight what they’ve remembered from the text, rather than simply asking them to respond to questions on the discussion board. Students can upload their infographic to the board to share it with the rest of the group.

To incorporate the “Apply” stage of taxonomy in discussion boards, instructors can ask students to sketch a virtual venn diagram to compare or contrast learned concepts.

“By designing discussion boards to move students through Bloom’s Taxonomy, instructors not only can assess student learning in exciting and engaging ways, but they also provide students with diverse experiences with the discussion board. Since each discussion board will be new and unique, students will look forward to it, as opposed to it being just another item that they check off their list,” Smith Budhai said.