Emerson Award


Recognizes instructors for their leadership in and passion for teaching, their contributions to student learning, and their knowledge and creativity.

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Michael Wysession

Executive Director

Washington University Awardees


Cynthia Cryder (Olin)

John Hendrix (Sam Fox)

Bill Siever (Engineering)

Beth Martin (Arts & Sciences)

Brian Carpenter (Arts & Sciences)

Kathryn (Mairin) Hynes (Arts & Sciences)


Emily Boyd (Engineering)

Margaret Garb (Arts & Sciences)

Sung Ho Kim (Sam Fox)

Robin LeBoeuf (Olin)

Rob Morgan (Arts & Sciences)

Corinna Treitel (Arts & Sciences)


William E. Wallace (Arts & Sciences)

Jared Jennings (Business)

Cheryl Wassenaar (Design & Visual Arts)

J. Mark Meacham (Engineering and Applied Science)

Julie M. Bugg (Arts & Sciences)

Steven D. Taff (Medicine)


Shanti Parikh (Arts & Sciences)

Staci Thomas (Business)

Igor Marjanović (Design and Visual Arts)

Patricia Widder (Engineering and Applied Science)

Jay Turner (Engineering and Applied Science)


Janet M. Duchek (Arts & Sciences)

Guy M. Genin (Engineering and Applied Science)

Barbara N. Kunkel (Arts & Sciences)

Joseph Loewenstein (Arts & Sciences)

Arny Nadler (Design and Visual Arts)

Durai Sundaramoorthi (Business)

2014 Ron Cytron (Engineering and Applied Science)

2013 Regina Frey (Arts & Sciences)

2012 Cindy Brantmeier (Arts & Sciences)

2011 Peter Kastor (Arts & Sciences)

2010 Daniel Giammar (Engineering and Applied Science)

2009 Kathryn Miller (Arts & Sciences)

2008 Glenn MacDonald (Business)

2007 Steven Fazzari (Arts & Sciences)

2006 Robert Pless (Engineering and Applied Science)

2005 Lisa Bulawsky (Art)

2004 James Miller (Arts & Sciences)

2003 Marcus Berliant (Arts & Sciences)

2002 Alison Whelan (Medicine)

2001 Richard Smith (Arts & Sciences)

2000 Bob Hansman (Architecture)

1999 Sally Goldman (Engineering and Applied Science)

1998 James Davis (Arts & Sciences)

1997 Julian Fleischman (Medicine)

1996 William Buhro (Arts & Sciences)

1995 Jill Pasteris (Arts & Sciences)

1994 Susan Rava (Arts & Sciences)

1993 Marcia Armstrong (Business)

1992 Jean Ensminger (Arts & Sciences)